Professional broadcasting of events live on the Internet - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

Our mission is to make your event unique and unforgettable!
With us, your special moments will be shared with viewers all over the world.


Your concerts can be broadcast live, reaching audiences around the world. Allow viewers to immerse themselves in the magic of live performance, no matter where they are.


By broadcasting the sports live, you ensure that fans enjoy every moment, no matter where they are.

conferences / seminars

You allow participants from different locations to join in and learn new things. Your conference becomes a global educational experience.


Your most important day can be shared with loved ones and friends no matter where they are. Every special moment becomes visible and shared by those who love you.

other events

Whether it's public lectures, cultural events, award ceremonies or more, we help you make them available and promoted online.

ADVANTAGES of live broadcasting

глобална достъпност

Reaching a global audience

Live webcasting allows your event to be viewed by people who cannot be physically present. This increases the number of viewers and can lead to more popularity.


Save special moments

Live broadcasts allow viewers to share special moments from the event in real time. This helps spread the word about the event and creates memories.


Interactivity and engagement

Using live streaming technology, viewers can participate in the event by commenting, asking questions or even voting in real time. This creates stronger engagement and interaction with the audience.


Increase your revenue

Broadcasting events on the Internet can generate additional revenue through the sale of virtual tickets, advertising or sponsorship.



Multi-camera 4K video capture

Ability to connect up to 8 cameras and broadcast live with 4K resolution on YouTube


Graphic elements

We add banners, frames, names, tables and other graphic elements of your choice.


live replay

Replay of the most interesting moments in real time.

online говорител

adding speakers online

If some of the guest speakers cannot be physically on the event, we can connect them them online wherever they are.


Prices are indicative and negotiable!
For charity events, a 25% discount.


Duration of the event: up to 2 hours.
Every extra hour - €65.

  • 2 cameras
  • FullHD resolution
  • Quality audio from the console
  • Broadcast on one platform of your choice (Facebook, Youtube or other)


Duration of the event: up to 2 hours.
Every extra hour - €95.

  • 3 cameras
  • FullHD resolution
  • Graphic design (texts and images)
  • Quality audio from the console
  • Broadcast on 2 platforms of your choice (Facebook, Youtube and others)


Duration of the event: up to 2 hours.
Every extra hour - €135.

  • 5 cameras
  • 4K resolution (if your internet speed allows)
  • Graphic design (texts and images)
  • Quality audio from the console
  • Broadcast on 2 platforms of your choice (Facebook, Youtube and others)

more services



Creation of promotional videos before or after the event to promote it on social networks.



Additional video recording, such as interviews, surveys, a documentary film about your event, and more.


Lighting for small scenes

With our additional lighting, your event, even if only a little, will look much more professional.



Unlimited professional photos for your event

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More information


We are located in the region of Varna, Dobrich and Balchik, but we work in the whole country.

All information, presentations, audio and other video materials are transmitted to the team no later than 24 hours before the event.

The organizer provides access to the venue of the event, at least 2 hours before the event for technical preparation and tests and up to 1 hour after the end of the video broadcast to collect the equipment.

The organizer provides free access to electricity and high-speed cable internet.
We have 4G/5G mobile internet that can be used in case the event organizer cannot provide a quality internet connection. In this case, the internet connection is paid additionally in the amount of €25 per day.